Locally Based

                  We are located in multiple locations throughout China making us available to any area in the country.                  

                  Solutions Provider

                  We help our clients increase their productivity through our various Scaffolding and Formwork solutions.


                  We have more than 11 years of experience in the industry. We are well established with multiple domestic offices.        

                  Worldwide Reach

                  Affiliated regional offices in more than 10 countries from Middle East to Asia to Australia and New Zealand.        

                  Who We Are

                  Beijing Zulin Formwork & Scaffolding Co. Ltd is a leading company which develop, design, process, sales and leasing of formworks and scaffoldings for projects such as industrial civil engineering works, roads and bridges, hydroelectric dam and nuclear power station.

                  We are one of the pioneer companies which developed formwork and scaffolding in China. We have a team of dedicated and professional technical specialists which continuously improve our product offerings. The company has an excellent wooden beam production lines and steel structure workshop.


                  Our Ideals

                  Mission Statement

                  Our Mission Statement: To promote competitiveness in the Construction industry by providing high quality formworks products and solutions.


                  Company Vision

                  Our Company Vision: We aim to deliver satisfaction to clients, employees and stakeholders by listening to their needs.


                  Our Values

                  Our Values:

                  Philosophy: To strive for excellence in delivering high quality products.

                  Working Style: To work based on Honesty, Diligence and Innovation.


                  Your Shoring & System Formwork Specialist

                  Latest Products

                  Timber Beam
                  Self-Climbing Formwork
                  Slab Formwork
                  Wall & Column Formwork
                  Ring-lock shoring and Shoring frame

                  Site Map

                  Contact Information

                  Beijing Zulin Formwork & Scaffolding Co Ltd
                  Juyuan Industry Field No.20
                  Mapo Town, Shunyi District
                  Beijing 101300 China?



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